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Contact Us...  First Choice Home Inspections are one of the top home inspection companies in the Fredericksburg area of Virginia.  If you need a certified home inspector, then please contact First Choice.

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Contact Us... First Choice Home Inspections serving the Fredericksburg area of Virginia have been in the home inspection business for over 5 years. At 1st Choice we do a detail review of your home from the roof down to the crawl space. We offer radon testing, drone roof inspections, moisture metering, and thermal imaging.

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Please contact us about a home inspection.  First Choice Home Inspectors works with realtors, buyer and sellers in the Fredericksburg area of Virginia.  We are certified and use state of the art inspection equipment including drones for roof inspections, thermal imaging to determine heat loss, and moisture meters to determine water damage. Our inspections include; radon gas, basement & crawl spaces, mold, moister, plumbing, electrical, roof, structure, etc..

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First Choice Home Inspections is the top rated certified home inspectors in Fredericksburg VA.  First Choice inspect for roof issues, radon gas testing, plumbing, electrical, basement, crawl space, mold, moister, energy efficiency, and building structure. Detail but easy to read written inspection report. Call 540-376-8780 for a quote!