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Why 1st Choice

Why 1st Choice?

Why 1st Choice? - 7 Reasons to choose 1st Choice Home Inspections of Fredericksburg Virginia are outlined below.  We have been in the home inspection business for over 5 years.  At 1st Choice we do a detail review of your home from the roof down to the crawl space.  We have highly effective tools from drones, moisture meters, and thermal imaging.

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(1) Reputable and Well Trained

Our home inspectors go through multiple in-depth training programs, which has been endorsed by top industry associations and colleges.

(2) Clear & Easy-to-Read Reports

Our inspection reports are clear & easy to read and come in a digital format that contains pictures of problem area's

(3) Buyers, sellers, Realtor Service

At 1st Choice Home Inspections we work with local realtors in the Fredericksburg area as well as individual home buyers and sellers.

(4) Availability

In real estate transactions, time is always a concern.  With 1st Choice Home Inspections you can book an inspection with our staff any day of the week.

(5) State of the Art Equipment

At 1st Choice Home Inspections we inspect every bit of your home from the roof using drones and detail inspection if required to thermal imaging to determine heat lose.

(6) Support Long After The Inspection

Not only do we offer full support after your inspection but we're available to answer any questions you might have for year's after the inspection.

(7) Home Inspections are Essential

At 1st Choice Home Inspections we know how essential a quality, detailed home inspection report can be to both the home buyer and seller.