1st Choice Home Inspections

1st Choice Home Inspections works with realtors, buyer and sellers in the Fredericksburg area of Virginia.  The 1st Choice team is reputable and well trained, and their inspections provide clear & easy to read home inspection reports.  We are certified and use state of the art inspection equipment including drones for roof inspections, thermal imaging to determine heat loss, and moisture meters to determine water damage, radon gas inspections, plumbing & heating inspections.  Our company provides it services at an affordable price.

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Types of Home Inspections

. Buyer's Inspection (Pre-Purchase)
. Seller's Inspection
. Inspections for New Homes
. Condominium Inspections
. Post Purchase Inspections
. General Homeowner's Inspection

Easy to Read Inspection Reports

__ Detailed written report
__ Images of problem area's
__ Radon Gas Meter Reading
__ The inspector will review his written report with you so everyone understands the report.

A Home Inspection is Not!

• An insurance policy, guarantee or warranty on the home
• An invasive or destructive exercise
• Intended to identify concealed defects
• A code or design review
• Intended to predict future performance or life expectancy
• An environmental review or energy audit

Inspection Includes

__ Roof
__ Structure
__ Exterior
__ Electrical System
__ Heating & Air Conditioning
__ Plumbing
__ Insulation and Vapour Barriers
__ Interior
__ Mechanical and Natural Ventilation

7 Reason's to Choose 1st Choice

(1) Reputable
(2) Clear & Easy to Read Reports
(3) Buyers, Sellers, Realtor Service
(4) Availability
(5) State of the Art Equipment
(6) Support after Inspection
(7) Home Inspections are Essential
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State of the Art!

At 1st Choice Home Inspections we check your home or business with state of the art equipment.  We have thermal image to detect heat loss, drones for roofing inspections, and moisture meters to detect water damage.

Energy Efficiency Checkups

Coming soon 1st Choice Home Inspections will be offering home energy checkups in December.  Are you using too much gas or electric?  Is your insulation correct for your home?

Affordable Pricing

We provide an affordable service to Fredericksburg and the surrounding area of Virginia.   Our easy to read inspection reports are easy to understand and cover all the critical components of a house or business.

Radon Gas Testing

1st Choice Home Inspections has the radon equipment and certification to make testing your home easy and affordable.