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Pay at Close Home Inspections in Williamsburg, Toano, Yorktown

How it Works

1. Pay at Close option for home inspections is offered to your customer at no charge
2. Customer provides the company information and a credit card as backup
3. Home Inspection marked as paid. Report is unlocked and sent to your customer
4. Customer pays for home inspection at closing

Why it Works

1. Gives Your Customers Options: Pay-At-Close gives the customer the option to push payment until other closing costs are paid. Customers love being in control of their buying decisions. Giving multiple payment options allows the customer to feel more comfortable during their home-buying journey.
2. Reduces Stress: Buying a home is usually the largest purchase/investment your customer will make in their lifetime. Pushing inspection payments gives more time for financial planning and helps reduce the stress during the buying process.
3. Make the Inspection Conversation Easier: Offering Pay-At-Close can make your conversation with the customer about getting an inspection easier when giving them the option to pay for it later instead of at the time of service.

Pay for your Home Inspection later? No Problem!

– Home appraisal fees are often paid for at the time of closing. Why can’t home inspection fees work the same way?
– Excellent option for home buyers limited on funds at time of inspection
– Provides the ability to add more inspection services that are important for the home purchase.
– Easier financial planning by having all home buying-related fees scheduled for payment on set date.

The Pay-At-Close Program allows home buyers to pay for their home inspection at the time of closing instead of at the time of service. Home buyers that are either reserving on-hand cash, or hesitant to put large purchases on a credit card while the close is pending now have a pay later option to ensure a more comfortable home-buying experience.

We service Williamsburg, Toano, Yorktown, Gloucester, Newport News, and Hampton Roads Virginia

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